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Our tiles receive the latest insecticide, fungicide and anti-termite treatment, with no chrome or arsenic ingredients.

SOVECO BS05® is a liquid water-dispersion formula for the curative and preventive treatment of wood against fungus and xylophagus insects.

SOVECO BS05® also has fire-proofing qualities (non-inflammable, preventing the spread of fire and smoke)  and for consolidation of infested woods due to a mineralization process.  After settling into the wood, it cannot be easily washed out and is resistant to natural phenomena.

SOVECO BS05® guarantees all types of protection for wood: construction wood in covered areas, exterior wood without permanent contact with the ground or water. It can also be applied in rooms that must comply with hygiene standards for food handling or that are occupied by ill patients, allergic persons, children or animals.

Refer to technical file and users’ manual (pdf document)

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