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icone tuileSOVECO wooden tiles resist sun, wind rain and hail.

With the aim of certifying the quality and resistance of their jobs, the SOVECO® company invested a total of 230.000 €; of these, 75,000 € went towards wind tunnel testing.  In support of this project, the State, Region, Department and the European Union contributed 30,000 € of financial aid.

icone tuileCertification testing for « hurricane-force » winds :

(Joint certification by Bureau Véritas and C.S.T.B. wind resistance of more than 288 Km./h and 200 mm. Of rain.)

Testing was done at the C.S.T.B .Jules Verne Wind Tunnel (French acronym for for the scientific-technical construction centre) of Nantes on a “recreational home” model having a Cryptobardeau® system wooden roof.  The module’s manufacture was supervised and evaluated by Mr. Diederich of the Réunion Island Bureau Véritas.

logos Cstb, VeritasDuring testing, the module was submitted to various types of “hurricane-force” winds (winds of more than 210 Km./h, open areas, equivalent to a basic load of 250 Kg./m2). The initial winds drenched the wood with water, making the testing more unfavourable for that construction. In spite of this, and under C.S.T.B. and the Bureau Véritas of Nantes supervision and control, the module resisted to more than 17 “hurricane-force” winds, and of these, three were more than 280 Km./h and one was more than 288 Km./h, without the roof suffering any damage or deformations.

Testing allowed us to successfully receive “Resistance to Hurricane-Force Winds Certification ".